Key Message: A better Kenya for all

Tuvuke - Initiative for Peaceful and Fair Electoral process in Kenya is a country-wide project, with a special focus on areas often viewed as hotspots because of the many years' experience in perennial violence and also areas where women's participation in an electoral process have been curtailed and excluded.


The project, is being implemented by 18 CSOs, and works with key stakeholders including the public, the women, the general, voters, the Independent  Electoral and  Boundaries Commission, political parties, law enforcement agencies, and County governance structures to enhance a peaceful election and the culture of tolerance through the strengthening and capacity building of networks at community, regional, national and the global level.


Goals of the Tuvuke Initiative

Under the slogan of K- PEACE, the overall objective for the project is to promote peaceful, fair and democratic electoral process in Kenya by fostering a culture of peace, entrenching broad political participation and advocating for acceptance and diversity.

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