Our goal is to promote peaceful, fair and democratic electoral process in Kenya by fostering a culture of peace, entrenching broad political participation and advocating for acceptance and diversity.

Our message is simple:  Tuvuke! A Better Kenya for All.  Through inclusive politics and active engagement of citizens, we can all contribute in creating a nation where all Kenyans participate fully in determining the nation's destiny. TUVUKE is a call on Kenyans to take individual and collective responsibility in ensuring that the nation makes a peaceful ‘transition' during the forthcoming elections. We are calling on Kenyans to articulate the "NIMEJIANDIKISHA..." philosophy towards free, fair and peaceful elections by becoming active participants in the process. This responsibility cannot be undertaken by others on our behalf: it is our personal responsibility. "NIMEJIANDISHA..." is not an empty slogan; it is a conscious and deep-rooted statement of commitment to the transformation of our nation.

The Tuvuke- Initiative for Peaceful and Fair Electoral process in Kenya is  equipping  Kenyans with skills so that they can become agents of social change by enhancing justice and peace, and increasing  inter-ethnic and inter-religious tolerance. By challenging clan-ism, ethnicism and religious bigotry we are contributing in the development of an inclusive nation.    We believe that by making a peaceful transition in the next general elections, Kenya will become a better nation for all citizens irrespective of their ethnic base, geographical location or socio-economic status. But a better Kenya for all will only become possible if we individually and collectively take responsibility for our country. " NIMEJIANDIKISHA..." because we cannot afford to miss the opportunity of making a democratic transition and regaining our dignity as guaranteed  by the Constitution.  


The Constitution provides an important opportunity for women to be actively engaged in leadership at the county and national levels. Women are key to social transformation and TUVUKE will encourage women to join political parties of their choice, register as voters and vote for leaders who will protect their rights. We know that discrimination against women stems from practices in our communities, and not necessarily the State. It is important that everyone respects women's rights and that the State ensures that the constitutional rights of women are not violated. Tuvuke will undertake public education on the rights of women. Because of the patriarchal nature of our society it is imperative that men are involved in the articulation of women's rights. TUVUKE will engage men in dialogue so that they become advocates for the right of women to participate fully in the electoral process.


Land is important for economic growth, political participation, and environmental sustainability, access to livelihoods, cultural expression and overall development of the people. It is no wonder that land issues have been key in shaping Kenya's history and caused many problems to citizens.  Recognizing that land issues are often invoked during general elections and are used as an excuse for politically motivated ethnic violent conflict,  displacement of fellow citizens and destruction of property, TUVUKE is calling on all Kenyans not to use land grievances as a platform for unleashing violence on other citizens.  The Constitution gives all Kenyans the right to live and own property in any part of the country. Moreover, claims to historical injustices related to land will be addressed through the National Land Commission and should not be used to deny Kenyans free, fair and peaceful elections. 


More than any other time in Kenyan history, the youth are disenchanted and  frustrated by years of exclusion from  decision making platforms and the inability of the ruling elite to create jobs and increase opportunities for upward mobility. Many do not vote and view the electoral process as yet another opportunity for the political elite to entrench their hold on power. But through active engagement with the electoral process, youth can transform their lives by electing visionary leaders committed to social transformation.  They are able to come up with creative and interactive platforms to reduce their vulnerability to political manipulation.  Drawing on their innovativeness, adaptability and energies the youth can be central to the development of inclusive national values that are not ethnically fixated.  Youth can be the engine through which a national identity can be crafted and the solidification of values that are not ethnically or racially bound. By registering as voters, turning up to vote at the polling stations and resisting manipulation to participate in violence, youth can be key players in transforming our nation. TUVUKE will work directly with youth to ensure peaceful and fair elections.


Media are key players in the facilitation of public debate and the formation of public opinion. Journalists gather information that they consider to be of public interest and publish as news. In the process influence the issues that citizens and the State consider as important. Media are therefore social actors with power to shape public opinion. In order to ensure A Better Kenya for all, media have a responsibility to foster healthy public dialogue on local and national issues, presenting a diverse range of information in an   unbiased manner that upholds the tenets of professionalism and responsible journalism. TUVUKE will work with diverse media to entrench ethical and responsible journalism before, during and after the general elections.




TUVUKE will:


  • Challenge patriarchy in Kenya and its linkages to elections and leadership through civic education and male involvement in support of women;
  • Address land rights and past injustices by challenging the link between land and electoral process;
  • Increase knowledge among Kenyans about their rights as voters and encourage youth to register and vote;
  • Create platforms for positive transformation of youth by encouraging youth to harness new strategies, tools and platforms in the promotion of national values;
  • Increase citizen vigilance and participation in monitoring hate speech and violent conflict;
  • Ensure that women's gains are safeguarded within the Constitution by promoting participation and involvement of women as voters and leaders;
  • Engage faith-based organizations to mobilize constituencies for overall active participation in the electoral process;
  • Address stereotypes, change perceptions about communities and entrench peace and national values.




In achieving these objectives, the Initiative will not work in isolation. Rather, it will engage the government, the Constitution Implementation Commission (CIC), the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and other constitutional Commissions, international partners, civil society organizations, faith based organizations and the private sector in the realization of the Initiative's mission.



Tuvuke Pillars
Nimechukua Hatua