• To demystify patriarchy in Kenya and its linkages to elections and leadership through the use of civic education and the involvement of men to support women in the electoral process and to cultivate men as allies and partners in the struggle for women's rights and gender equality.
  • To ensure that Land Rights and past injustices are addressed by creating linkages between land and electoral process and mounting a nation-wide campaign.
  • To engage different stakeholders to ensure that  Kenyans are empowered on their rights as voters by linking voting with democracy and good governance and work with the  Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission  (IEBC) to increase the number  of voters especially among the youth.
  • To create platforms for positive transformation  of youth by encouraging the youth to harness new strategies, tools and platforms to promote national values, fusion of culture and national identity.
  • To increase youth vigilance and participation in monitoring hate speech and conflict to give early warning on conflict in their communities.
  • To ensure that  women's gains are safeguarded within the new constitution  by empowering women as voters, and leaders to realise their rights through the electoral process.
  • To engage with faith-based organizations to mobilize constituencies for overall active participation in the electoral process.
  • To change perceptions and address stereotypes, through the use Public Media Service approach in order to reach the marginalised communities, women, and also work with the mainstream Media to change the narratives around the electoral process in Kenya to embrace peace and national values based on respect, human dignity and non-discrimination.

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