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    Theme of the Conference: "Building Consensus on Community Engagement within Land Reforms and the Extractive Sector in Kenya"


    Although Africa is endowed with land and natural resources, communities on the continent have hardly benefitted from these resources. This may be due to the fact that the resources have not been integrated in the economic and social life of communities. As Kenya builds the framework for land reform and the extractive sector, it is vital that multi-stakeholder dialogues be held. It is within this context that TUVUKE Initiative, a   consortium of 15 civil society organizations with broad platforms across the country, seeks to hold a conference on land reforms, communities and the extractive sector in Kenya. TUVUKE is well situated to provide leadership for a peaceful, inclusive and just society through advocacy for the implementation of land reforms and people-centred resource extraction. The Conference will pave the way for systematic discussions on how communities can be protected through land reforms and transparent resource utilization. It will also contribute to entrenching a sustainable peace movement for inclusive public participation and a culture of constitutionalism in Kenya.


    The Conference will be convened by TUVUKE implementing partners under the leadership of the Land and Natural Resources Thematic Group.  Previous work undertaken by the Initiative shows that land reforms and transparent use of natural resources are necessary for sustainable peace in Kenya.


    The conference will be held on 12th - 13th March 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference participants will be drawn from TUVUKE implementing partners, government, civil society organizations, development partners and corporate organizations working in extractive sector.


    Key Result Area: Improved livelihoods and peaceful co-existence among land and natural resource dependent communities


    The Goal of the Conference: To build consensus on community engagement within land reforms and extractive industry.


    Objective: To build consensus amongst stakeholders on natural resource issues, land laws & regulations and communities.

    Thematic Areas of the conference

    1)       Natural Resource Management, Communities and the Extractive Sector.

    Under this thematic area, the conference will focus on the extractive sector and how communities can reap benefits from the enormous returns from exploration of minerals, oil and gas. It will also focus on the utilization and distribution of the wealth generated from the extractive sector as it remains a key concern for local communities and continues to trigger conflict. How can the funds generated be utilized for sustainable development? How can the government increase level of community engagement in natural resources management?


    2)       Land Reforms that Support Extractive Sector and Protect Communities

    Natural resources extraction often triggers conflict, environmental degradation, and displacement of communities as well as economic and gender inequalities. This thematic area will focus on the laws enacted and policies on natural resources management in the extractive sector. It will focus on land rights, human rights and justice systems. It will give an analysis of the legal instruments that work towards community interest protection.


    3)       Sustainable Development and Best Practices

    This thematic area will focus primarily on sharing best practices and lessons learnt. It will also look at environmental sustainability especially for Extractive sector.


    Expected Outcome

    1. Recommendations for Kenya on Land reforms, Community Engagement and Extractive Industry signed by all CSOs participating with a buy in from the government.
    2. Consensus among stakeholders on community engagement on land reforms and the extractive sector.


    Expected Output

    1. Consensus document on the issues agreed emanating from the discussions by all stakeholders leading to the development of Country Charter.




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