• 23 May

    IEBC Questionnaire for Kenyans in Diaspora Posted On IEBC Website

    In an effort to capture the spirit of the New Constitution, IEBC would like to extend voter registration to interested Kenyans who reside out of the country. In order to make informed decisions, the Commission wishes to get information from Kenyans in Diaspora. The information sought will be held in confidence and only for purposes of enabling the Commission to come up with strategies to register Kenyans in Diaspora as voters.

    Follow this link:  Survey Form

    IEBC Chairman Mr. Ahmed Issack Hassan has restated that although the Commission will seek services from officials of the Kenyan  Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates, the said officials will be working under the supervision of IEBC officials. He said the Commission will take full charge of Diaspora voting to ensure that the process is free of any political influence.
    IEBC Chairman told a visiting UK Foreign Affairs Committee that the electoral body will only engage embassy staff and not Ambassadors, High Commissioners and their deputies. This he said, was to ensure that the process is free and fair.
    The registration of citizens outside the country and actual voting will take place at Kenyan Embassies and High Commission. Passports will be used for identification and voters must register in person. Political parties can have agents to witness the voting exercise.


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